Yara Telemedicine Ltda. is a service support company for telemedicine activities, aimed at tele monitoring of patients with chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCD), especially diabetes and high blood pressure symptoms.


Through the YTS - Yara Telemedicine System it is possible to monitor the diabetic or hypertensive population of any city, state or country allowing remote monitoring of patients' blood glucose and blood pressure.


Platform designed to support preventive medicine actions, based on the telemonitoring of blood glucose, blood pressure and heart rate, for the identification of patients with suspected diabetes and / or hypertension, in the screening, diagnostic and continuous monitoring, local or covering large territorial areas.


The technology was developed by ITA (Aeronautical Technology Institute) engineers and aims to provide fast and effective support to the health professional at the tip, from Tele Centers of Specialties capable of providing coverage to large geographic areas.


After the self-measurements are made, the signals are captured by the digital blood glucose and blood pressure monitors and transmitted by a telemetry unit or via the Internet to a Data Center with cloud computing technology for access to health professionals, allowing the visualization of the patient's blood glucose and / or pressure, thus facilitating faster and more accurate diagnoses, as well as the implementation of precision therapy, allowing greater treatment efficiency at lower costs.